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Reconstructive Urology

“Sava Memorial Hospital” stands as a specialized center in genitourinary reconstructive surgery, recognized by two leading European urology organizations: the European Board of Urology and the European Association of Urology.


Led by Dr. Radoš Đinović, a globally respected expert in this field, our hospital is among the select few in Europe that offer specialized training for urological surgeons in genitourinary reconstructive surgery.

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Doc. dr Radomir Aničić Gynecology and obstetrics specialist
Dr Dragan Antić Gynecology and obstetrics specialist
Prof. dr Igor But Gynecology and urogynecology specialist
Dr Andrew Fishman Neurosurgery specialist, Neurotologist
Dr Jesenka Grebenarević Radiology specialist
Dr Tamara Ilisić Pediatric cardiology specialist
Dr Moma Jakovljević General surgeon
Dr Marko Kenić General surgeon
Dr Uroš Kenić Urology specialist
Dr Zoran Krstanoski Specialist in Urology and Uro-Oncology
Dr Goran Lekić Orthopedic specialist
Ass. dr Miljan Milanović General surgeon
Dr Ljiljana Njagojević Specialist in pediatric surgery
Dr Sara Dunja Pempelfort Gynecology and obstetrics specialist
Dr Vladislav Pešić Urology specialist
Dr Dejan Pličević Nephrology specialist
Spec. dr med. Antonela Sabati Rajić Endocrinology specialist
Ass. dr Predrag Savić General surgeon
Dr Milan Slavković Pediatric surgery specialist
Dr Bogdan Spiridonescu Urology specialist
Prof. dr Aleksandar Sretenović Pediatric surgery specialist
Dr Saša Tomović Urology and urological surgery specialist
Dr Ivanka Janković Anesthesiologist
Dr Vera Vojinović Golubović Anesthesiologist

“Sava Memorial Hospital” is named after the esteemed academic Sava Perović, a physician who pushed the boundaries of global genitourinary surgery and left a valuable professional legacy to all doctors in this region.

Everything we have learned about surgery from him— from the bravery to push boundaries to understanding the human needs of our patients— has been woven into the foundation of our hospital. Today, we stand as a hub for elite specialist surgery spanning virtually all medical fields.

We unite top surgeons and doctors from Serbia, the region, and the globe, specialists across 12 disciplines, catering to both adults and children.

World-class surgery for children and adults in Serbia.

The surgeons and physicians at “Sava Memorial” are established and esteemed experts in their respective fields.

Some collaborate with specialist clinics in Europe, attending to their patients there. Our connection with international peers, the opportunity to stay up-to-date with new trends, and engaging in cutting-edge procedures are vital for us. They enable us to bring innovative, enhanced treatments to our patients in Serbia.

Our hospital is the chosen destination for a number of prominent specialists from the region and Europe who make regular visits and have established their patient base in Serbia. Designed with the “boutique hospital” concept in mind, it offers a limited patient intake, a personalized treatment approach, access to an expert team for all patients, a warm, almost home-like environment, and a commitment to comfort and care.

We are particularly recognized for our high expertise in genitourinary reconstructive surgery.

Leading this department and its specialized training program is Dr. Radoš Đinović, an internationally recognized reconstructive surgeon who honed his skills under Professor Perović. Dr. Đinović has achieved groundbreaking successes in surgeries that have set global benchmarks, earning worldwide recognition for treating children with complex genitourinary disorders. He has also served as the president of the European Association of Urologists’ Section for Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery.

“Sava Memorial Hospital” offers a unique opportunity for surgeons from Serbia, the region, and beyond to train and collaborate with some of the most distinguished figures in genitourinary reconstructive surgery, enriching their expertise in this specialized surgical field.


Experienced surgeons in general, reconstructive, genitourinary, plastic, and neurosurgery. Specialists in urology, nephrology, gynecology, gastroenterology, cardiology, and orthopedics.


Experts keeping pace with global medical advancements, introducing new treatment methods to Serbia. Researchers developing innovative treatments and procedures.


Physicians who have gained experience in state clinics, emergency centers, and major private healthcare systems in Serbia and the region. Experts from European university clinics.


Open and communicative doctors and medical staff, partnering with patients and their families throughout the healing process.

Dr Radoš Đinović
Founder and Director of SMH
Founder and Director of SMH



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