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Snežana Živković
Pediatric Nutritionist
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Snežana Živković, a specialist clinical nutritionist and dietitian, plays a vital role in our pediatric care team. She has long served as the head of the Nutrition Department at the University Children’s Hospital in Tiršova. Her significant position in this major children’s hospital, along with her outstanding achievements in helping families and children establish proper eating habits crucial for certain medical conditions, makes her an integral part of our treatment approach.
Additionally, Snežana is a lecturer in dietetics at the College of Applied Health Sciences in Zemun. She has expanded her expertise through professional development both in Serbia and abroad.


Areas of expertise:

  • Counseling parents and children who need special dietary plans
  • Developing personalized meal plans (daily, weekly, monthly)

How this doctor can help:

We could all occasionally benefit from the guidance of a nutritionist— it’s crucial to maintain a healthy diet even when we’re well. Proper nutrition can often boost our general health and bring many benefits.

However, a nutritionist becomes an invaluable ally for patients with chronic conditions where a specific diet becomes an integral part of their lives. Nutritionists are incredibly helpful for children undergoing hemodialysis or with kidney transplants and other nephrological diseases, children with hematological conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gluten enteropathy, and those with obesity.

Professional philosophy and approach to patient care:

”Teaching children about healthy eating, encouraging them to enjoy foods they might not favor, advising parents on how they can support their children’s dietary needs, understanding children’s reluctance and desires— all these tasks require patience, dedication, and exceptional communication skills. This is what sets our colleague, Živković, apart.
She believes that healthy eating doesn’t mean completely giving up our favorite treats, either. The key is learning to control how often we indulge in them. Eating healthily doesn’t mean bland food or feeling hungry; it’s about feeling satisfied with nutritious food that’s also good for our health.”