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Sava Memorial Hospital
Hospital team
Dr Radoš Đinović
Founder and Director of SMH
Founder and Director of SMH

In our hospital, patients and doctors are at the forefront. They are our primary focus.

Yet, for them to truly excel in their roles, a robust and professional support system is essential.

Our hospital team, composed of dozens of dedicated individuals, ensures the smooth functioning of our facility. Through their expertise, experience, and skill, they enhance the quality of medical procedures and consultations, contribute to patient care and recovery, and share in the joy of healing.

We are proud and delighted to introduce you to the team at Sava Memorial Hospital.


Within Sava Memorial Hospital, there are several state-of-the-art operating rooms where all surgical interventions are performed. The surgical staff team includes anesthesiologists, surgical nurses, and anesthesia technicians, who serve as indispensable support to the surgeons, integral to every surgical operation.





Ivanka Janković, anesthesiologist
Vera Vojinović – Golubović, anesthesiologist

Jelena Lalić, Chief Nurse
Jovana Stefanović, Surgical Nurse
Marina Ristić, Surgical Nurse
Miloš Milanović, Anesthetic Technician
Dunja Nikčević, Anesthetic Technician
Mirjana Vasković-Sekesan, Anesthetic Technician


The inpatient unit at Sava Memorial Hospital consists of hospital rooms designated for patients undergoing treatment. This ward’s staff is made up of dedicated nurses and technicians focused on providing care to the patients admitted to the hospital and supporting doctors during their rounds. Additionally, the inpatient ward is supervised by a clinical physician responsible for overseeing the well-being of all currently admitted patients.



Sandra Vukadinović, chief nurse


The outpatient clinic is the ambulatory section of the hospital where daily consultations are conducted, serving both inpatients and those coming in for scheduled appointments.

Marko Cvetković, chief technician


Dr Radoš Đinović, founder and director
Maja Jovanović, manager

Miloš Milanović, chief technician


Jelena Prelević, administrative and legal affairs,
Kosara Veljović, insurance relations and sales representative,

Goran Gligorić, procurement department,
Jelena Gutalj, Sava Perović Foundation,
Olga Anikushina, Russian language translator