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Adult care
Genitourinary reconstructive surgery

Sava Memorial Hospital is internationally renowned for its excellence in genitourinary reconstructive surgery, under the leadership of Dr. Radoš Đinović, a world-class genitourinary surgeon and the founder of the hospital. Dr. Đinović and his team carry out some of the most intricate operations on the urinary and genital systems, not just within the hospital's walls but globally, showcasing their work at urology congresses and in clinics around the world. Numerous patients, unable to find solutions for their conditions elsewhere, have turned to Dr. Đinović's expertise in Belgrade. The hospital's frequent procedures in genitourinary reconstructive surgery range from bladder and urethral reconstructions, penile reconstructions for congenital curvatures and Peyronie's disease, to testicular surgeries and gender reassignment surgeries. Sava Memorial boasts a team of genitourinary surgeons who perform up to 500 surgeries annually, both locally and internationally. This team is among the most experienced surgical groups in the country, setting standards in this surgical field with their expertise.