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Pediatric care
Pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery

Pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery is essential for addressing both congenital anomalies and repairing injuries or deformities caused by trauma in children. The focus of reconstructive surgeons is on mending damage to the skin, tissues, or bones to either restore or improve the functionality of an organ, or to enhance its appearance aesthetically. Treatments can range from correcting facial defects and anomalies in hands or limbs, to scar revisions, bone reconstruction, burn treatments, and repairing injuries from previous surgeries. Additionally, pediatric plastic surgeons manage the treatment of both benign and malignant skin tumors.
Cosmetic procedures, such as ear pinning, treatment of gynecomastia (male breast enlargement due to hormonal imbalances), and correction of breast deformities in girls, are also undertaken in pediatric patients.
The plastic surgery team is led by Associate Professor Dr. Aleksandar Vlahović, a seasoned pediatric surgery specialist with extensive experience at the Mother and Child Health Institute in Belgrade.

Lip and palate repair
Skin and soft tissue tumors
Scar and burn treatment