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Adult care

Our team of leading urologists and uro-oncologists at Sava Memorial Hospital specializes in treating all conditions related to the urinary tract, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate, and testicles. Leveraging modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer minimally invasive options for our patients, including laparoscopic, laser, and endoscopic surgeries.

Dr. Saša Tomović is renowned for his expertise in kidney stones and prostate conditions. Dr. Uroš Kenić focuses his practice on addressing male infertility, providing cutting-edge solutions and therapies for couples grappling with fertility challenges.

Included in our urology team is Prof. Dr. Zoran Krstanoski, a uro-oncologist from Slovenia with extensive experience in laparoscopic surgery across the former Yugoslavian territories. He is especially recognized for his skill in using this technique for prostate, bladder, and kidney cancers. As a pioneer of this surgical method, he serves as a mentor and physician with a loyal patient following throughout the region.

Our patients, both male and female, come to us with a wide range of urological problems, from urinary infections and kidney stones to prostate conditions and urological cancer concerns. We also have a strong focus on treating functional bladder disorders and urinary incontinence, issues that impact both adults and children.

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