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Ljiljana Njagojević
Specialist in pediatric surgery
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Dr. Ljiljana Njagojević is a renowned pediatric surgery specialist, particularly acclaimed for her work in urodynamic studies, which are essential for diagnosing urinary disorders. She was trained under Professor Sava Perović, and after completing her pediatric surgery specialization at the University Children’s Clinic in Belgrade, she delved into urodynamic examinations under Professor Perović’s guidance.

Dr. Njagojević is a trailblazer in her field, as urodynamic studies were in their infancy worldwide when Professor Perović’s team began exploring this procedure. Thanks to Professor Perović’s efforts and foresight in acquiring modern equipment in the early 1990s, Dr. Njagojević was among the first in Serbia to use this method for diagnosing and treating children. Her research and practice have led to the precise identification of parameters crucial for deciding whether surgery is the definitive solution for vesicoureteral reflux, or if medication is also needed.

Dr. Njagojević has examined nearly 2,000 patients, including children and adults, significantly reducing the need for repeated treatments of vesicoureteral reflux and establishing new standards in her field.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Urodynamic Testing

How this doctor can help:

Though the urinary bladder might seem like a simple organ, it can lead to serious complications when it doesn’t function properly. Common issues include frequent involuntary urination, inability to urinate, or urinary infections. These symptoms can emerge suddenly, presenting as acute urinary infections, or persist as chronic conditions that last for years.

Dr. Ljiljana Njagojević offers her expertise through highly specialized urodynamic testing, which provides precise and quantifiable data on the bladder’s function during its filling and emptying stages. This method allows for the objective measurement of urinary parameters, yielding essential insights into bladder and pelvic floor behavior.

Dr. Njagojević’s extensive use of urodynamic testing allows her to tackle a wide range of conditions, from identifying the causes of recurrent urinary infections in early childhood, to addressing conditions like day or nighttime incontinence in children. Although urodynamic testing is an invasive procedure, it is not painful. Dr. Njagojević ensures that each examination is as comfortable as possible, given the highly personal nature of these assessments.

Professional philosophy and approach to patient care:

“Women are often the most overlooked patient group. Most often, they deal with issues such as bladder prolapse and infections, and are unsure who to turn to for help. There’s a gap in medical practice, as gynecologists often refer patients for genital system function tests, while urologists typically focus on male patients, leaving women’s issues unresolved for decades. I urge women with long-standing urinary infections and frequent urination problems not to underestimate the value of urodynamic testing for accurate diagnosis and treatment of bladder function problems.

I’m a strong advocate for non-surgical treatments, which can profoundly enhance many patients’ quality of life. Treatments such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, and biofeedback are essential for many of my patients, particularly for those dealing with urinary disorders. These therapeutic approaches enable patients to see improvement without the need for surgery, promoting their active involvement in the recovery process.”