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Pediatric care
Minimally invasive pediatric laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive approach that lets surgeons conduct intricate procedures via small skin incisions, is invaluable in treating children. At Sava Memorial Hospital, cutting-edge technology and the surgeons' proficiency in non-invasive techniques ensure treatments are precise, efficient, and minimally traumatic for young patients, leading to a quicker recovery.
Our surgical team champions the use of laparoscopy not only in adult care but especially in pediatrics, where it is preferred due to children's lower tolerance for pain and more delicate immune systems. This approach minimizes the risk of complications like infections or bleeding and significantly reduces recovery time.
Frequently performed laparoscopic surgeries at our facility include appendectomy, hernia repairs, cholecystectomy, and various interventions on the testicles for boys and ovaries for girls.