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Doc dr
Aleksandar Vlahović
Pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist
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Associate Professor Dr. Aleksandar Vlahović is a renowned specialist in pediatric surgery, with a particular emphasis on plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has an impressive track record, having completed over 8,000 successful surgeries. His dedication and skill in the field of pediatric plastic surgery, especially in treating children’s vascular anomalies, are highly regarded. Dr. Vlahović obtained his medical degree from the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Medicine in 1995 and went on to specialize in vascular surgery during his medical internship. He further honed his expertise with specialized training in pediatric and plastic surgery and advanced his academic pursuits with master’s and doctoral research on critical topics in these areas.
Committed to continuous professional development, Dr. Vlahović has participated in advanced training programs at renowned institutions such as Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and Showa University in Tokyo. He is an active contributor to the academic world, enhancing the fields of pediatric and plastic surgery through his teaching and publication of scholarly articles.


Areas of expertise:

  • Vascular anomalies
  • Congenital anomalies, including cleft lip and palate
  •  Acquired anomalies, such as tumors, injuries, and scars

How this doctor can help:

Dr. Aleksandar Vlahović provides top-notch care using the latest in pediatric and plastic surgery. He understands the unique challenges of treating children and tailors his approach to fit each patient. He’s skilled in diagnosing and treating various vascular anomalies with techniques that leave minimal scars and allow for quick recovery. Dr. Vlahović is also skilled in fixing birth defects and injuries, such as cleft lips and palates, using advanced methods to achieve the best look and function.

Professional philosophy and approach to patient care:

Children with cleft lips or palates need careful and varied treatment plans to grow up healthy. Surgery is usually best done when they are a few months old to ensure they develop normally with the least amount of risk. After surgery, it’s important for children to get help from specialists like ear, nose, and throat doctors, speech therapists, and psychologists. This team helps with speech development, eating, and overall well-being, aiming for the best results so these children can have a good life.
For vascular anomalies, getting the right diagnosis early on is key. Knowing exactly what the issue is means treatment can start early, which might be as simple as monitoring or as complex as surgery. Parents should seek expert advice promptly if they notice any unusual marks on their child’s skin. Acting early can lead to better results and might reduce the need for bigger surgeries later on.