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Ivanka Janković
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Dr. Ivanka Janković is a pediatric anesthesiologist with international experience and significant contributions in the field of pediatric anesthesia and intensive care. Her career includes working in Sweden, at a pediatric hospital in Zurich, the Children’s Hospital in Toronto, and a university hospital in New York. Since 1996, she has held the title of senior consultant, and since 2000, she has been a UNICEF expert for pediatric resuscitation.

Dr. Janković is the author and co-author of more than 20 scientific and professional papers that contribute to the development and understanding of pediatric anesthesia and intensive care. Since 1995, she has continued her professional engagement as the head of pediatric intensive care at the Surgical Clinic, and since 2008 at the Zvezdara Clinical Hospital Center. At Sava Memorial Hospital, she specializes in anesthesia for all types of surgeries, venous therapy for newborns, and analgosedation in diagnostic procedures.


“Many say that being an anesthesiologist is challenging, with the patient’s life in our hands during surgery. However, I believe that with proper preparation, surgeries can proceed smoothly and stress-free. Anesthesia’s safety lies in the meticulous preparation of each patient, considering their unique needs and conditions. While not every child is blessed with perfect health, medical advancements enable us to ensure the safety of all patients, no matter their health challenges.”