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Dragan Antić
Gynecology and obstetrics specialist
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Dr. Dragan Antić stands out as one of Belgrade’s most respected gynecology and obstetrics specialists. Much of his career was spent at the Dragiša Mišović Clinical Center’s Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, where he served in key positions including hospital manager, head of the maternity ward, and deputy director. His leadership significantly contributed to the development of the institution and advancements in gynecological and obstetric practices.
With three decades dedicated to medicine, Dr. Antić has amassed extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of gynecological conditions, conducting a wide range of gynecological and obstetric surgeries, and overseeing childbirths. He has a particular interest in laparoscopic surgery within gynecology, a field where he has consistently honed his skills, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Antić is an esteemed author of numerous scientific articles published in leading national and international journals, thereby enhancing knowledge and elevating standards in his specialty.
As an active member of the Serbian Medical Society’s Gynecology and Obstetrics Section and the Association for Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery, Dr. Antić is deeply involved in professional conferences, continually seeking to advance his knowledge and skills.


 Areas of Expertise:

  • Gynecological exams
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Pap smears and colposcopy
  • Pregnancy care
  • Gynecological interventions: biopsies, exploratory curettages, cone biopsies
  • Gynecological surgeries, including laparoscopic procedures

How this doctor can help:

Dr. Dragan Antić is committed to providing high-quality healthcare to women of all ages, with a focus on early detection, prevention, and effective treatment of gynecological conditions. Patients can expect a thorough examination and careful evaluation of symptoms such as unusual pains, changes in menstrual cycles, or any other gynecological signs that may indicate the need for further investigation or intervention.

Dr. Antić places great importance on preventive screenings, including gynecological and ultrasound exams, Pap smears, and colposcopy, which are crucial for maintaining reproductive health. His treatment approach is based on the latest medical advancements, including minimally invasive surgical techniques that ensure quick recovery and minimal complications.

Professional philosophy and approach to patient care:

“The essence of the patient-doctor relationship lies in trust, which begins to build from the very first meeting and conversation. I strive to provide my patients with clear information and transparent insights into all aspects of the proposed treatment, including surgeries, if necessary. It’s important for each patient to understand the treatment process, potential risks, and expected outcomes, and to give their informed consent based on a complete understanding and without any pressure.”

“Patients often come with preconceived opinions formed through the media while simultaneously neglecting the importance of regular preventive screenings. Issues such as pelvic pain and irregular menstrual cycles are common, and that’s precisely why regular check-ups are essential to detect any potential complications in time. During every visit, my goal is to achieve an accurate diagnosis and plan the further course of treatment together.”