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Ass. dr
Predrag Savić
General surgeon
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Assistant Professor Dr. Predrag Savić is a renowned general surgery specialist with over two decades of experience, particularly in digestive tract surgery. His work is distinguished by a focus on colorectal surgery and hepatobiliary system surgery, which encompasses treatments for the liver, bile ducts, and pancreas. Besides being an active surgeon, Dr. Savić also serves as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade and is the assistant director at the “Dragiša Mišović” Clinical Hospital Center.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Colorectal Polyps
  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, including Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
  • Surgical Procedures on the Hepatobiliary Tract, including treatment of liver, bile duct, and pancreas diseases

How this doctor can help:

Dr. Savić provides thorough diagnostics, advice, and surgical treatment for individuals dealing with digestive system issues. He specializes in advanced surgical methods that effectively address complex conditions, reducing recovery time and enhancing patient outcomes.

Professional philosophy and approach to patient care:

“It’s common for people to delay admitting they have a health issue that needs attention. Many downplay their symptoms, neglecting their well-being, which often results in patients seeking help only at advanced stages of their conditions. It’s critical to keep up with regular check-ups. Once you hit 50, it’s essential to get both colonoscopy and gastroenterology exams done; it’s a basic step towards maintaining your health.”