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What is a mastectomy?

Mastectomy is often used as part of the gender transition process from female to male, also known as “top surgery.” This procedure involves the removal of breast tissue to achieve a more masculine appearance of the torso. The goal of the surgery is not only to remove the breasts but also to form masculine chest contours, which may include recontouring the existing breast tissue to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the chest.

Surgical procedure

The extent of the surgery can vary depending on the individual needs and desires of the patient. Some transgender individuals may also choose additional procedures such as liposuction or chest sculpting to achieve the desired look. The decision on the type of mastectomy depends on several factors, including the amount of breast tissue, skin elasticity, and overall health condition.

Postoperative Recovery

Postoperative Recovery
Recovery after a mastectomy involves wound care and monitoring for potential complications. Most patients can return to their usual activities within a few weeks, although complete healing may take longer. Support and consultations with mental health professionals are also important, as a mastectomy can be a significant step in the transition and adjustment to a new physical identity.