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What is a Continent Urostomy?

A continent urostomy is a surgically created opening on the abdomen that allows for controlled elimination of urine from the body. Unlike a traditional stoma, a continent stoma involves forming an internal reservoir from a part of the intestine, giving patients the ability to decide when to empty the contents. This approach is often chosen for certain medical conditions that prevent the normal functioning of the bladder. Conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases, certain types of cancer, or complications following traumas can lead to the consideration of this option.


The diagnostic process includes comprehensive examinations, such as colonoscopy or CT scans, to determine the most suitable treatment method for the patient.


The procedure to form a continent stoma requires precise surgical intervention, tailored to the specific needs and condition of the patient. The surgical technique involves creating a reservoir within the abdomen for storing urine, with the ability to control the emptying. After the operation, patients are educated on proper stoma care and management. Monitoring and proper care are crucial for maintaining the quality of life of patients with a continent stoma.